Arman Andishehfoulad Company Services

Arman Andisheh Foulad Manufacturing and industrial company due to working in important and strategic industries such as automotive, oil, gas and petro chemistry and producing special and safety parts such as (gas valves, nuts, etc.) and also be better than the other competitors by high quality producing in today’s tough competitive market, has realized the importance of producing in the highest possible quality level in carrying out our many diverse projects up to now and the future plans, as the goal placing in our career. We believe that achieving the highest and competitive quality, requires a laboratory equipped with the latest measuring devices and experienced experts who are proficient, which has come true in the company. The laboratory quality system of Arman Andisheh Foulad Company, which has two sections of the mechanical and chemical properties, has focused all its efforts to use modern equipment and controlling the products from the moment the raw materials arrive and during production to the time of packaging, guarantee the highest quality of products for consumers.

Improving the quality level of products

Competitive with others

Compliance with safety requirements