Quality control and Azmishgah

Introduction of Arman Andisheh Foulad Company

Arman Andishehfoulad Company has begun its path in the field of producing liquid gas (LPG) cylinder valves since the year 2001 and currently we have stapled the best products, backing to the years of experience and using expert labor forces. Since opening, this company has realized the compliance with the standards and production of high quality products as the goal placing in its career. In this regard, all the company’s products are made of the best raw materials and pass the various procedures of safety, standard and quality controls. Having the ISIRI logo, guarantees the quality and safety of Arman Andisheh Foulad products.

Observing safety and quality, the first principle of production in Arman Andisheh Foulad Company

To observe the manual of national standards organization and necessities of safety in producing LPG cylinder valves, the provided laboratory of Arman Andisheh Foulad Company controls the quality and safety of all products before they supply to the market. Experts of this laboratory have an exhaustive supervision on all of the process from production to packaging. A high quality product and satisfaction of the customers resulted from the exact monitoring in all the years of Andisheh Foulad Company operation.

Some of the quality control tests defined in Arman Andisheh Foulad Company:

1. Leak resistance test:

This test can be considered the most important test for gas cylinder valves because gas leakage is one of the most common dangerous factors in liquid gas cylinders. In Arman Andisheh Foulad Company, the resistance of internal and external leaks of all produced valves is measured; therefore, the product that reaches the customer will be completely resistant and safe.

2. Performance testing of gas cylinder safety valves:

Gas cylinder safety valves with controlling the internal pressure, ensure the safety of cylinders and minimizes the possibility of gas leakage. That is why all safety valves are tested and verified in Arman Andisheh Foulad laboratory.

3. Resistance to excessive torques test:

This test focuses on valve stem and the operating parts of it.

4. Direct impact test on the valve body:

The purpose of this test is to control the resistance and evaluate the quality of the alloy used in the products. Forasmuch as using high quality raw materials is one of the fundamental principles of production in the company, the produced gas cylinder valves have high physical resistance and will not be damaged by impacts and possible physical destructive factors.

5. Durability test:

Due to the high sensitivity of Arman Andisheh Foulad Company’s manager and experts towards the durability and safety of products, this company has designed and produced a special device to evaluate the quality of its products. By using this device, the performance of the valves is checked. The result of the durability test on the company’s products is successful, which shows the high quality of the company’s gas cylinder valves compared to other competing brands.