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Arman Andishe Foulad Co. established in 2011 and produce all kind of Liquid Petroleum Gas Cylinder, LPG Cylinder Valve and LPG Cylinder Flange. We trying to produce good quality which it has been achieved by expert employees, the best raw materials and advanced equipment. We are the first and only factory in Iran which produce by forged and CNC machine that cover over 60% of the local gas distribution. We have been exported to many countries such as Pakistan, Armenia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Kenya, Tanzania, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.



Gas valves

Gas valves Gas valves are the gas flow control products (liquefied gas, oxygen, natural gas, etc.) which are used in

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Quality and safety guarantee

The goal of quality management system is to approximate the demands and expectations of customers and manufacturers according to the relevant standards. In Arman Andisheh Foulad manufacturing and industrial company, the Quality Control Unit (QC) as a part of the quality management system and in the path of advancement of the company’s goals, is responsible for reducing scraps in order to achieve zero waste and producing high quality goods and improving the quality level of products.

Compliance with safety requirements
Competitive with others
Improving the quality level of products

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ARMAN ANDISHEH FOULAD Arman Andisheh Foulad complex always tries to provide the goods you want in the shortest time and according to the request backing to up to date technical knowledge and ten years of experience in the industrial market. Your satisfaction is our main goal!

 All moral and physical rights of this website belong to Arman Andisheh Foulad Company.